CBD Products

  • CBD Boxes

    If you are an immense seller of CDB products and searching for a custom CDB boxes manufacturers, we are here to provide the best quality boxes and cost effective packaging solution in the USA.

  • CBD Chocolate Boxes

    It is no wonder that how the CBD chocolates have dominated the market share over a short span of time. The joy of this creamy delight has engaged the consumer’s attention all around the world. Certainly, the tempting packaging of the CBD chocolate boxes pushes the buyers in purchasing them.

    Thus, in order to make your product more appealing, the Right Custom Boxes never remain second to serve our customers with the best. We manufacture your boxes with extreme delicacy and perfectionism using quality material. Besides, we craft the custom CBD chocolate boxes particularly defined for your brand.

  • CBD Display Boxes

    Making your product obvious among the diverse pool of other products is pretty daunting task. Product placement plays a huge role in product sales and increase the probability of customers picking your product frequently. Specifically for the products like CBD that have a huge market share these small things matter a lot.

    Hence, you can use the CBD display packaging boxes to make your product obvious at the point of purchase. We at the Right Custom Boxes personalize your boxes according to your brand dimensions. We offer customizations initially in the material to manufacturing styles and even techniques. Then later we decor them with add-ons.

  • CBD Hemp Oil

    The demand for hemp oil is increasing day by day due to its use in different products from shampoos to soap. It can also be used as a lubricating agent. Buyers like to carry it with them, that’s why the appearance and feel of its packaging is the biggest concern for them.

    Nowadays the market is full of hemp oil boxes, so what makes you different from others? What makes you better form them? The first thing the buyer notice in the box is the appearance of it. Therefore, the Right Custom Boxes offer the CBD hemp oil boxes at the reasonable cost with the unlimited customization, at all sizes.

  • CDB Bath Bomb Boxes

    The trend of using bath bombs is remarkably high. These are generally the future name or the additional type of the soap. Want to know the particular best part about these kinds of CDB bath bombs, it is that will you simply can use them as being a gift, as well.

    •  No Die & Plate Charges
    •  High Quality Offset Printing
    •  Quick Turn Around
    •  Starting From 100 Boxes
    •  Custom Size And Style
    •  Competitive Price
    •  Free Design Support
    •  Free Shipping
  • Custom CBD Tincture Boxes

    The wonders the CBD tincture has done to the human health are tremendous and thus such CBD products have gained limelight. It is pretty obvious that the manufacturing of the custom CBD tinctureboxes has also increased to meet the consumer’s demand. No doubt, there are multiple enterprises that specialize in making of such packs in the industry.

    But the indifference in the techniques led to the product similarity and market saturation. Hence, we at the Right Custom Boxes personalize the CBD tincture boxes according to the brand vision. It also helps in creating brand image more impactful with the add-ons, graphics and visuals.

Absolutely, the CBD products have proved that in what tremendous ways it could be helping the consumers. There are several brands dealing in the market with the CBD products. Hence, making a name in such a competitive market and getting a good market share is quite daunting. In such a scenario the only possible way to attract potential buyers towards your products is to make it engaging with the custom retail boxes.

Among the manufacturer in the industry, you will find the Right Custom Boxes at the top as we have excellent packaging services. We customize the boxes according to the consumer’s preferences. The team here facilitate you in the best possible manner. The personalization in the manufacturing styles, techniques, layout, printing, add-ons and many more under the one roof is itself a great deal.

Why wait? Get in touch with our customer care services anytime and have free consultation services for the mesmerizing packaging. Also, we provide free of cost shipping in the USA.

  • Sturdy packaging that keeps your product protected from external bumps:

Day to day transportation and handling of the product always leaves a chance of their damaging. Also, the damaged products are least probable to make it to the consumer’s end. Thus we make the boxes with 14-22pt of the cardstock, cardboard and eco-friendly Kraft so that the protection of the product is assured.

Particularly, the eco-friendly Kraft has engaged the entire market towards it due to the biodegradable feature it has. That’s the additional things the buyers look for while purchasing any product these days. It is just an effort to be a part of the green movement and safe our territory.

Moreover, the custom corrugated boxes are usually in use for wholesale CBD products. Such boxes have the fluted layer in between the linerboards that make them the perfect fit for the transporting of the products over places. We serve five different categories of them at extremely affordable rates including the type A, B, C, E and F.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of visuals:

The impact of the graphics on the sales is often overlooked. Particularly, it is a perception that investing in the outlook of any CBD packaging wholesale is raw. But that isn’t the fact. Instead through printing, you can communicate your product idea, the brand vision and product ingredients. Moreover, you can also get the animation, fictions and picture of your choice on them.

The custom printed boxes are usually printed with the digital, flexography and offset printing. There is no doubt how the digital printing has created ease for us in this age of globalization. Now you can get your boxes printed at the ease of home printing and also it may not cost you more bucks.

However, the offset printing is a traditional printing way but it lasts up to for years. It is done with the help of rollers along with heavy machinery but the finesses it provides sets it apart. Especially the color we use is from the CMYK and PMS, which are 100% cruelty-free. The bandwidth of the CMYK is shorter than the PMS and thus have a limited range of shades.

  • Personalization of every box according to your demand:

Using the box of the same size and same kind seems an absurd idea an also cost greater. Therefore, we personalize the custom CBD boxes according to the dimensions of the products so that it may give it a snuggly fit. We have a few of the inbuilt templates that are generally in use for the CBD products:

  1. Tuck end boxes.
  2. Mailer boxes.
  3. Seal end boxes.
  4. 2-piece boxes.
  5. Display boxes.

The boxes are further customizable with additional tabs and locking foot if you want. We also provide free of cost inserts for the perfect fitting of the bottle into the box. Also, we use two of the manufacturing techniques that include the one in which the box has the die-lines and the other one that is in use is gluing.

The latter one doesn’t save you a lot while shipping of the products due to more consumption of space as the box is intact. In the contrary to this, the boxes with die-lines are shipped in the flat manner that’s why they are easier to ship and requires less manpower. Hence, obviously this cost you lesser while shipping.

  • How add-ons influence the sales of any product?

Certainly, the most stylish boxes make on the consumer’s end more quickly than the ones that seem boring and dull. But have you ever wondered why is it so? Don’t worry we are here to guide with the best tips. It is probably because of the fact humans find fancy products appealing and worth investing their money.

Thus, one way or the other, the details assist in giving a boost to the sales of your custom CBD products. And these detailing include the add-ons like embossing, debossing, window cut out and foil stamping. The gloss coating adds the extravagancy to the product due to lustrous texture.

Such products enchantment the customers greater over the other as they will be subconsciously withdrawn to such fascinating products. Also, you could have matte or spot UV for beautifying the products. Similarly, widow patching on the containers offers a snap to the consumers of the actual product. This builds their loyalty to your specific product and pushes them in buying.

  • Trust us with your CBD packaging:

The Right Custom Boxes have been serving its esteemed customers with world-class packaging over the years. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and thus for that, we provide you them with the 2D flat view, 3D mockup video and physical sampling.

Besides, our delivery staff provides you with the boxes in the least turnaround time of 5-6 working days. Also, we provide free shipping in the USA. Above all, our customer service is open 24/7 to assist you in the best possible manner and resolve your queries. For more information and discount offers, email us or subscribe our newsletter at info@rightcustomboxes.com